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the high road, indirectly singing at him. ♪ who you are is not what you did ♪ ♪ still an innocent ♪ . >> gretchen: his response, he's saying the song not fit for television because every other word is a curse word. lady gaga took home eight awards, one for video of the year. check out her outfit. she accepted in one that looked like raw meat. lindsay lohan appeared in a taped skit. she poked fun at her troubles. >> do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? take from me. they don't. >> gretchen: i guess she's being up front about some of the problems she faced in the path. >> peter: all right. meanwhile, we were just talking about this. can a new lawsuit stop construction of that mosque near ground zero? one of the 9-11 responders mind the lawsuit will join us next.
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>> brian: then a reporter on the offensive taking on the players and the coaches of the new york jets.
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>> brian: controversy tons rise over ground zero. responders taking matters in his own hand by suing the dolor for $350 million. they're here right now. vincent and his attorney, you are a volunteer firefighter over in westchester and larry, we know you, you are following this suit. why, vincent? >> for me, again, as one who responded to ground zero as a first responder, that was a terrible attack on america and our way of life and i believe now with the feelings that are going on and all the talk about compassion and bridge building
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and such, there is very much of a lack of compassion and bridge building to put something on ground zero. so it's enough is enough. >> brian: this caught my attention last week when i heard about it. larry, you take this case and come up with a figure, $350 million. why do you think this is a legal issue? >> it's an estimate. this is a class action. vinny is very brave to come forward. he's coming forward on behalf of first responders and everyone in this country because we're doing what the politicians won't do. we're representing the american people. we estimated what the damage would be. but in fact, the class could be very large by the end of this case being over and that may be a low amount. >> brian: this is the suit. you're going to be filing it today. now, you think the important element of this will be the process of discovery. why? >> follow the money. we're going to unmask the mosque, in effect. we know from the past that one of the big donors to the imam and to the mosque gave from the holy land foundation and that was indicted, a nonprofit that
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was a front for terrorist operations by the u.s. government, by the justice department in dallas, texas. they were convicted. so therefore, where there is smoke, there is fire. the imam was asked on television just last week where the money was coming from. it looked like he had swallowed a canary. he couldn't say and wouldn't say. it's very likely that this mosque is tied in with terrorist interests. that's what we're going to be getting at during this lawsuit. >> brian: are you mad at muslims? are you mad at the islamic religion? is that why you're doing this? >> no, not at all. as a matter of fact, as a first responders, we don't ask the color in the dark running into a fire of who we're going to rescue. i feel very disappointed in our elected officials and representatives that it takes us, we the people, to actually utilize our system rather than having our system used against us. >> brian: election it's a first amendment, you have the right to do this. right? >> sure. this is our right. we're doing it legally. >> brian: doesn't he have the right to build the mosque there? >> there is no first amendment
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right when there is a question of security. our case is not based on an attack on islam. we're saying this is a nuisance, it creates a security threat to the neighborhood, it raises the taxes to the people of new york that have to defend it and the president himself and the attorney general recognize when they moved or said they were going to move the khalid shaikh mohammed trial in the same area that this is a security threat. it's not even in dispute. that's the basis of our suit. plus emotional distress against vinny and the others who have been devastated by this whole thing. >> brian: larry, we know you are relentless and we know you'll pursue this hard like you do all your cases. we look forward to this being served and for tracking this along the way. >> thank you. >> brian: thank you and thank you for being down there on that day. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, he's the governor known for taking on the unions. things are getting heated between governor kristy and a teacher. listen. >> what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, well, then, i have no interest in answering your question. >> brian: see how this one
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ended. then the loophole that could cost banks millions. why $62 million, 62 million american homes may be foreclosure proof.
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>> peter: quick check of headlines. an impeachment hearing is underway right now in the senate where a law makers are hearing arguments to remove federal judge thomas portious from the bench. he's been accused of lying, taking kickbacks and taking gifts on the job. you're not supposed to do that. the accused christmas day bomber is scheduled to appear in federal court today where the judge is expected to set the trial date. but the attorneys and prosecutors say they could cut a deal ask avoid a trial. stand by gretchen, over to you.
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>> gretchen: thank you. are you in danger of being foreclosed on? guess what? there is a loophole that all homeowners must know about that can keep the banks from taking your house. fox news legal analyst bob massi is here with me to explain. good morning to you. so this is so complicated. but i want to try and break it down because it's so important. you say it all deals with the mers, the curse of the mers. what is that? >> so our viewers understand, it was put into effect ten years ago, actually by the lenders and freddie and fannie. there are so many mortgages chopped up. there was this electronic registration system that was used to actually register your mortgage. so when you went to buy a home, dependent who your lender was and what they did with the mortgage, this was a system electronically to record your mortgage because that's how complicated it was. so it is a system of registration that was in effect over ten years ago. >> gretchen: so now how can that
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come into play for some 62 million homeowners who may face foreclosure? >> this is catching a lot of ground in the courts. so any of our viewers who have received a foreclosure notice from mers, what the courts are saying is this, they say, wait a second. you are nothing more than a portal or way to record your documents for the lenders and that you literally in the courts, gretchen -- we have a thing called standing. somebody has to have is a legal basis to foreclose. some of the courts in this country in california, nebraska, nevada, florida, have said, wait a second, until you could show that you actually are algate mate interest holder in that property, that you can not foreclose. you don't have the right to do it because you don't hold the original note in your hand. therefore, you're nothing more than a fiction that was created by the lenders and the courts are basically restraining the
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foreclosures based on the mers theory. any of our viewers out there who received this, i've been involved in a lot of this litigation. they need to look and have it studied by a lawyer for purposes of seeing if they can stop the foreclosure. >> gretchen: so let me ask you this, does this stem back to fannie and freddie then? >> it does. here fannie and freddie was the wonderful pretty from the beginning. this was a facilitator. this was to make it easy for the lenders. but little did they know that courts at some point would be looking at this closely, prospectively they didn't get it and they didn't care about getting it. now they get it. initially about a year ago, courts were saying, this was not a big bill. now some courts are saying, this is a big deal. it's a very big thing and you can read about it on-line and mers, homeowners should read about it. >> gretchen: i want to get this in. this is a huge, huge, huge problem for banks. right?
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>> it is a big problem for banks because if, in fact, courts did she and this is upheld through supreme courts in different states that they can't take their homes back, they got a problem. here is the nice part about it. it puts pressure on the banks to work with the homeowners. courts are stopping foreclosures based on this. it's a great strategic foreclosure move by the homeowners to take control of their life. >> gretchen: if you want more information, go to our web site and we will have more information about mers. you can probably see this interview again. thanks so much. >> thanks. take care. >> gretchen: coming up on the show, some mcdonald's increasing the price of their dollar menu just so stay in business. the homeless say they're outraged. they say they're starving and fighting to bring back the original discounts. and the tv reporter who is on the offensive. she's taken on the players now and the coach of the new york jets. we'll tell you why coming up.
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>> brian: you're looking now live at imam faisal rauf. he's speaking about the controversy surrounding the mosque at ground zero that he wants to build. here is what he said moments ago. >> as immigrants, we absorb american culture from generation to generation. the challenge of fitting in is often made more difficult by
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rejection. other groups and faiths have found themselves targets of such prejudice, jews and catholics, irish and blacks and hispanics, in time, each group has overcome these challenges and our core values have affirmed. we must overcome. we shall overcome. now it is our turn as muslims to drink from this cup. >> gretchen: for more on what rauf said, gillette live to eric shawn. i don't know if you have a chance to hear what he's saying, but you at least heard that little bit. >> yeah. we have been monitoring his speech. a little earlier he said, is the controversy worth all the firestorm? he answered his own question saying, quote, categorically yes. he says that the proposal will be a building for all faiths.
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he also said he believes that the debate has been hijacked by what he calls the extremists, that this is not a battle between muslim and non-muslim, but between moderates and the extremists and he asks the audience here at the council of foreign relations to not let it be hijacked by the extremists, especially, he said, in the media. here are some of what else the imam just said. >> the events of the past few weeks have really saddened me to my very core. i regret that some have misunderstood our intentions. i'm deeply distressed that in this heated political season, some have exploited this issue for their own agendas. i'm deeply disappointed that so many of the arguments have been based on deliberate misinformation and harmful stereotypes. >> he also, during the speech,
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thanked president obama for his support. he said he believes in the constitution, that he is a proud american and a proud new yorker and that his niece is serving in the u.s. armed forces. he is now taking q and a during the session, saying he's trying to work through a resolution to this whole issue. but as of now, cordoba house is still on. no indication if they have any plans to move it as so much critics certainly called for. the appearance here at the council of foreign relations continues and we will try to ask some questions when he emerges. we were not able to do that when he came in, but we will try when the imam emerges. back to you in the studio. >> brian: one of the statements got him in trouble the first time. he's not backing off. extremists on both sides. as if he's equating those people who don't want it built with those people who want it built, like al-qaeda on the right. i wouldn't call the people against it in the category of al-qaeda. >> well, he didn't say that
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about al-qaeda here. he basically called some critics extremists and in his view, he is trying to moderate the debate. he also has said that he did not see it as a threat when he claimed that not building this building would inflame muslim extremists around the world. he claims that is not a threat. we will monitor the q and a session here. by the way, there are several illustrious people in the audience, president nixon's son-in-law, ed cox, chairman of the state republican party and others. it will be interesting to see what some of this audience has to say in their reaction to his appearance. >> peter: very good. if anybody can get answers from that guy, it would be eric. he's tenacious, good reporter. >> brian: says hello to us in the halls. >> gretchen: all right. this afternoon, president obama travels to virginia to talk to
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families and small business owners about the struggling economy and expected to discuss the small business jobs bill at the town hall style meeting in fairfax. this comes as a debate heats up within congress about whether to extend all of the bush tax cuts, including those for families making over $250,000 a year. >> peter: another iranian diplomat has deeffected. he's playing for political asylum in finland. he's the second diplomat to quit this year over the alleged fraud in last year's iranian presidential elections and the deadly protests that followed. >> gretchen: investigation into the deadly gas explosion in california focused on a 20-foot section of pipe. it was packed up and shipped to washington for analysis. >> there was no repairing or excavating going on at the time of this mishap, but our research
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will determine whether there was any such work in the past. we don't know the answer to that yet. that's part of the interview process. >> gretchen: some people were allowed back home for the first time since the blast explosion left four people dead. but four are still missing. >> brian: okay. now the new york jets make their much anticipated debut tonight against the baltimore ravens. they may have bigger problems to deal with and you're looking at it now. the nfl now looking into how this female television reporter was treated at practice over the weekend. she was a reporter and is a reporter for a mexican tv station and a former miss universe contestant. he says the jet players made lewd comments to her in the team locker room and did some things on the field. the jets say they're cooperating with the league. >> peter: she was there just to interview mark sanchez. right? >> brian: yes. >> peter: i've got the clicker. let's see the weather. forecasters say hurricane igor could strengthen into a category
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5 later today. currently the storm packing winds of 150 miles an hour. not far hyped that storm, tropical storm julia. julia could become a hurricane this week. we still don't know whether or not igor will pose a threat to mainland usa. meanwhile, one of the things that poses a threat to the state of new jersey, according to governor chris christie, the teachers union. and, in fact, he had a town hall meeting in new jersey just a couple of days ago where he takes a lot of questions. one of the people in the audience was a teacher who really let him have it. it appeared until he really let the union have it. watch. >> this administration has done nothing but lambaste us and tell us what horrible schools we have. i feel like you have alienated so many people with your rhetoric about how we are bilking this state of all this money when i'm a taxpayer and
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because of the budget cuts that you have implemented, i am going to have is a hard time paying my bills this year. >> well, a few things. first of all, i have not lambasted the public school system in the state of new jersey. what i have lambasted -- listen. let's start with this. i sat here, stood here and respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, well, then, i have no interest in answering your question. my lamb basting and my rhetoric is directed very clearly at one set of people and that is the leaders of the teachers union in the state of new jersey. >> gretchen: so there you have the governor kristy. a lot of people applauded his efforts to get the budget under control and get rid of some of this union control and get the best teach increase to each the kids. >> brian: he asked them to voluntarily pay into their own pensions. >> peter: he asked them for a one year pay freeze. that's all. they thought that it could save
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$700,000 and the teachers union would not take a pay freeze for one year and they would not kick in 1.5% for the medical. the average teacher in new jersey makes $55,000 a year and the percentage would equal $750 a year. covers full family. it would save $700 million total cuts, 820 million bucks. desperate situation. >> brian: it's good. unlike most politicians who make controversial decision, he'll go talk to audiences. he knew it was going to feed into. it's mostly democratic state. >> peter: it absolutely is and voted for obama and we had john fund on the program who made a great point. we all like our kids' teachers, but in new jersey, there are a lot of people saying i like the teacher, but i don't like the teachers union because they wouldn't go along with that, particularly when so many people are struggling and so many people are out of work. >> gretchen: lots of budgetary problems in california.
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this has nothing to do with the governor. the mayor of san francisco may enact and mcdonald's. you're saying how are those things coming together? mcdonald is offer ago one dollar menu item and the homeless people in one area like that because they could go in and get a meal. now that franchise owner says i got to raise the price to 1.49. guess who is angry? the homeless. listen to this. >> i'm very upset. yeah because they're not being fair with the american people. the american people make them rich. >> peter: okay. so that's his point of view. also there are a number of homeless people out there who say this is just part of a strategic ploy to get them off the streets of san francisco and, in fact, i understand the mayor of that great city is talking about putting a ban on sitting or lying on the sidewalk
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also aimed at the homeless people. what do you think? the franchise owner says this was a business decision based on a number of contributing factors and while these items are no longer available at a buck, they are still available at what i believe to be a good, everyday value. they've jacked it up to 1.49. >> gretchen: the interesting thing, this mayor is a democrat. so this would not be the typical republican situation where they would complain that a republican in office is trying to raise prices or take homeless people off the street. so it appears that this is a situation that will be resolved maybe within the homeless community. i'm not sure. >> brian: so far it's not being solved in a very liberal way. straight ahead, americans' fears have come true. the president admits health care costs could be more than originally thought. but a member of this administration says, don't even think about blaming the white house. peter johnson, jr. is here to explain. >> peter: and this ballerina making history. she's the youngest ever to dance with the new york city ballet. how she performed her way to the
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top, that's our green room with the red wall, she's coming up.
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>> peter: you know this, this was just about a year ago that president obama was promising his health care overhaul would save the american people money. >> the cost of this plan will not add to our deficit. the middle class will be rewarded with greater security, not higher taxes. and if we're able to slow the growth of health care costs by just a fraction of 1% each year, we will actually reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the long-term. >> peter: okay. but that was then and this is now. a different tune. >> as a consequence of us getting 30 million additional people health care, at the margins that's going to increase our cost, we knew that. we didn't think we were going to
8:46 am
cover 30 million people for free. >> peter: okay. peter johnson, jr. joins us. interestingly enough, both those comments on september 10, 2009, 2010. what happened? >> good observation. what happened is rubber met the road and reality is trumping politics now and the chickens are coming home to roost. in some sense. what happened is the president is now faced with the reality that people are going to be paying more and receiving less for medicare. the reality is that people who are not necessarily going to be able to keep the plans that they have. the reality is that deficit projections are going to be different. the reality is as exposed the other day, that health care costs are actually going to increase rather than decrease. what the president was saying, we're going to add 30 million more people and it's going to cost less and we're going to reduce the deficit and everything is going to be great. and so now americans are coming to the realization that everything is not so great. so what's happened now is the
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insurance companies are speaking up. and so they're saying, 1 to 9% of the cost increase that we're giving in this year are directly related to obamacare. so you know what happens? >> peter: i do. but go ahead. >> what happened in response to that is secretary sebelius came out with a big stick and threatened the insurance industry and said, listen, if you do that, we're going to keep you out of the insurance exchanges in 2014. let's see what she said. >> peter: she said, quote, there will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases. simply stated, we will not stand idly buy as insurers blame their premium hikes on the requirement that they provide consumers with basic protections. so peter, essentially what she's saying to insurance companies is keep your mouth shut or your going to lose business. >> or we're going to shut you down. it's a first amendment for some folks, but not a first amendment
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for these folks in terms of saying to their subscribers, listen, health costs are going up. there are things we can't control and on top of that, we have to meet new mandates of the federal government that are going to increase your costs. so the federal government says, we're going to punish you for saying that. that's wrong. >> peter: that is wrong. peter johnson, jr., another prescription for truth. we thank you. we'll see you later. she's the ballerina who is making history. next up, one of the youngest women to ever dance with the new york city ballet. right now, let's check in with martha mccallum for a pree view of what's coming up. >> good morning. we are talking politics and midterms here today. cristas oh, donnel will join us, in the most heated race against mike castle. she joins us today to talk tea party and gop. could delaware be the next alaska? we're going to talk about that.
8:49 am
an update on all the hot races. bill and i top of the hour.
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>> gretchen: this is an amazing story. she started dancing when she was ten. now she's one of the youngest members of the new york ballet company at the age of 18. >> peter: here to show us some basic ballet is lauren lovett. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> peter: you're 18 years old. how did you get this job so early in life? >> gosh, i don't know. it happened fast. dancers start young. >> peter: they do. >> brian: did someone stare at you and go, you would be a great ballet dancer or were you attracted to it? >> well, i was dancing around when they said that, you know, i
8:53 am
might have a future. >> gretchen: then it took off and your family moved from california originally to the east coast so that you could get better training. then you made your way up here to new york. you are 18 years old. >> yes. >> gretchen: the youngest member of the new york city ballet. this is rigorous work, folks. this is the top of the line for ballet. right? >> yeah. i can't imagine dancing in another company. this is where i want to be. my dream. >> peter: sure. brian and i were talking earlier, our dream was to be professional tap dancers. so what about a ballet, could you show us some of the moves? people at home, get off your coach, do a little exercise this morning. >> brian: okay, steve la lane. >> gretchen: this is going to be tougher than the ballet you're going to perform later, just so you know. teaching us will be tougher. >> brian: put your feet like this. right? >> yeah. turn your feet out. >> peter: what's this called?
8:54 am
>> and the arms are in front of you like that. but your shoulders have to be back. then make the fingers more graceful and the thumbs in. that's first position. second, you point it out. arms open. there should be a line. >> gretchen: let's move to third. >> we don't do third. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> then i think the arms are like this. fourth. >> brian: why would do you this every day? >> like this. >> brian: it's like, look at me. >> you put your chin up. >> brian: how many positions are we going through? >> there is five. >> gretchen: can you do a leap of some sort?
8:55 am
>> brian: do you want me to throw you? >> we can jump. >> gretchen: no, you, not me. >> brian: that was good. have you done that before? >> yeah. >> gretchen: go ahead, steve. give it a whirl. >> that was so graceful. >> brian: i love to do it, but we don't have time. we have the hooters girls. >> gretchen: fantastic. >> brian: congratulations. >> thanks. >> gretchen: for mocks friends friends two minutes away. >> peter: don't break a leg tomorrow.
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>> peter: all right. lee angela damon from miss hooters international. what's your trivia question today? >> this running back rushed for over 100 yards again yesterday for the 12th consecutive time. he's now three games shy of breaking barry sanders record for the most consecutive 100-yard games. who is he?
8:59 am
e-mail us for the answer. >> brian: and today is mouthful monday. is this true? >> special deal on the super delicious cheeseburger. the winner of the trivia question gets? >> one of
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